Can’t decide on classes, need advice

So next year I’m going to be a junior and I chose the following classes: AP calculus AB, AP Biology, AP Lang, AP psychology, AP US history, and Human anatomy, but I don’t know if I should take regular us history during the summer to get it out of the way and replace APUSH with AP environment science or just stay with APUSH :confused: Any opinions or advices?

Is history an area of interest and academic strength for you?

Regarding the rest of your schedule, what level have you completed in foreign language? Will your science include physics by the time you graduate?

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@ucbalumnus I’ve taken 2 years of foreign language. I’m also planning to take physics my senior year. I have no interest in history but US History is a requirement

Many of the more selective colleges targeted by AP-heavy high school students prefer to see foreign language level 3 or 4 over level 2. Check the colleges of interest to you.

If history is not your preferred or strongest subject, it may be ok to take regular unless you are aiming for the most selective colleges that expect a well rounded base of academic strength in core academic subjects (electives like AP psychology and environmental science are of secondary importance).


That’s a very rigorous schedule, take US History without any worry.
(And if you do fret, take an AP social science senior year like AP Gov, and you’re good to go.)

AP Bio and Anatomy are good classes to take together.