Can this Midwest girl get into USC?

<p>Well, I sure hope so.</p>

<p>I'm a junior currently enrolled at a public high school in Missouri. Right now, my top college choice is the University of Southern California. I want to possibly major in engineering (environmental, civil?) or business (international?).</p>

<p>Here's the stats:</p>

<p>GPA (unweighted): 4.0
Class rank: As of sophomore year, #1. However, I was tied with about 15 other kids. I'll find out my junior class rank at semester, I think. Possibly.
ACT: Also as of sophomore year, 31. I'll be re-taking in December.
SAT: None, currently. I'll take it this year ASAP.
PSAT: Hoping/praying to become NMSF...... we shall see.
-U.S. Government: 4
-European History: 4
(I'm currently taking AP U.S. History, AP Biology, AP Environmental Science, and AP English Lang)
-Swimming, swimming, swimming. I do a competitive team during the off-season that takes up 5 nights a week, and swim for my high school as well. I've been on varsity since I started & I went to state last year and will definitely kill myself to go again this year, if that counts for anything.
-I also did each of the following for a season: Cross-country, tennis, soccer
-Club-wise, I'm a bad person. I did Modern Language Club freshman and sophomore year, and I'm an off-and-on attendee at Green Club and Mudthrowers (an art/ceramics club) this year due to swim practice, homework, lack of sleep, and laziness. However, I'm hoping to get accepted into National Honor Society this spring.
-I do volunteer whenever I hear of an opportunity, and one of my favorite recurring positions is during the spring. For a month, a few swim team friends & I help some high school students train for the special olympics. Last year they all got gold medals at the meet! Definitely a great experience.
-I hold down a summer job as a lifeguard working for the county at some nearby lake "beaches". </p>

-Well, I don't think I'll be getting any special interest due to my ethnicity, seeing as I am a white girl from the Midwest.</p>

<p>So, THANK YOU to anyone who bothers to read all that, and a SPECIAL thank you to anyone who replies to it.</p>