Can UCD engineering stutdent give theri opinion

<p>I am hoping to get into UCD EE program. I am already in UCI and UCSD. My plan is to do EE and also do courses towards PRe-med. </p>

<p>Looking at the GE plan for engineering at Davis it looks like I can take 11 hrs of unrestricted electives and perhaps 9 hrs of technical electives which I can apply towards additional pre-med courses in Biology and Chemistry. Is this true? </p>

<p>This gives me additional 20 hrs – Should I use this only for upperdivision courses? Many of the Pre-med courses in Bio and CHem are lower division - Is it okay to take lower division courses .</p>

<p>My goal is to finish EE in Semiconductors or controls. At some point in time I will have to decide between med or Graduate program in EE. Even if continue to a Graduate program in EE for sure I am interested in Applying EE to medical related fields.</p>

<p>I considered many Bio medical engineering programs but I am disappointed that there is no focus on EE courses in many of these programs.</p>