Can UChicago prepare me for becoming an Actuary?

<p>I've searched the threads already but I can't find anything concrete on whether one can pursue actuarial science at UChicago; that is, if there any 'set' way to pursue being an actuary there? I ask because I couldn't find finance in UChicago's course offerings and I was told I should take math, statistics, and finance (with only a year of Economics being sufficient) in university to prepare myself for the board exams.</p>

<p>Major in math or econ or something. The actuarial exams are actually pretty much jokes once you go through Chicago's math/econ courses.</p>

<p>Honestly, actuarial jobs are so straightforward that you won't really need too much guidance. You can probably find all necessary information online. However, there are CAPS counselors here who will help you with it if you run into problems or just need advice.</p>

<p>By the way, actuarial math majors generally do not exist at top universities.</p>

<p>Thanks for the info - really informative. Looks like it's UChicago for me!</p>

<p>Actuarial math majors may not "generally" exist at top universities, but Penn has both a major in Insurance with a concentration in actuarial science in its Wharton School and a minor in actuarial mathematics in its College of Arts and Sciences. NYU's Stern School has an undergraduate major. Columbia offers a Master's degree, and has courses that are open to undergraduates. And I think pretty much every public university offers it, including top universities like Michigan, Berkeley, and UVa.</p>

<p>But apart from that what phuriku says is right: You don't really need a branded actuarial science program -- it's a bunch of applied math, statistics, and finance, and perfectly easy to replicate from the vantage point of a math or statistics major, or really any social science major if you pay attention to this as a goal. And lots of people enter the profession through training programs with insurance companies or independent firms that will take you the last nth of the way to getting certified and learning what you really need to know beyond certification.</p>

<p>It may be a good idea to look at the schools mentioned by JHS to see if they partner (for recruitment purposes) with various companies, like insurance companies. As a parent, looking over the shoulder of my S who is a third year I would say that career planning is relatively weak at UcHicago. Academically is is great but abit still too stuck in the ivory tower mentality.</p>

<p>^Will do. I applied to Columbia so if I get accepted it's definitely on the cards. And I took a look before at Wharton's actuarial science track - I just didn't like that UPenn's math department, even though very good, isn't ranked as highly as I would have liked. I was also told by two actuaries (one a Fellow of International Institute of Actuaries and the other an Associate of the same institute) that I should, as an actuary, have knowledge across a relatively wide range of subjects - something I think UChicago can give me through the Core curriculum. Also, U Chicago has a lot of research opportunies for an undergraduate as opposed to the other universities - something I'm very interested in. But yeah, I'll definitely be considering all the stuff you all have said.</p>

<p>Yeah, in NYU Stern, you’re advised to take a second concentration if you decide to concentrate in Stats/Actuarial…Says something about the rigor.</p>


<p>If anything, it just shows that the program is not rigorous enough. </p>

<p>Also this thread is over 2 years old.</p>

<p>Actually, it’ll be celebrating its two year anniversary in 3 days. :p.</p>