Can upperclassmen dorm with underclassmen?

<p>I'm going to be a Senior next upcoming Fall currently residing in Rockoff, which I absolutely hate. One of my close buddies however is going to become a Sophomore (should be a Junior if you go by age but actually got held back an year) and I was wondering if it would possible for us to live together at any of the Livingston Apartments. Information would be helpful. Thank you.</p>

<p>From what I heard, you can. I believe the way that they are doing the housing lottery for next year is assigning a point value to each “grade” level (i.e. 4 points if you are a senior, 3 junior, 2 sophomore or something along those lines) and this point value will play a part in what housing you get. The number you’re assigned also plays a part somehow. I don’t know all of the logistics, but one thing I heard is that its much better to have your full group already planned if you want an apartment next year…</p>

<p>D1s a sophomore and in an apartment w 1 junior & 2 seniors. There were some logistical issues on the lottery, but the 2 seniors applied together, then she & the junior together and somehow coordinated w housing they were put together in same 2br.</p>