Can UT Austin application essay C and the separate scholarship essay be the same?

<p>Can the UT Austin application essay C, which is about hardships, and the separate scholarship essay, which is also about significant hardships, be the same? I already have a rather strong essay, don't want to leave the optional essay C blank. So my question is, do they see your scholarship essay along with your app, or does it go to different app readers?</p>

<p>My understanding is that essay C will be sent to the scholarship committee. When I submitted my app, there was a little note that said that this would be the case. I put my essay in as essay C.</p>

<p>Did you apply this year or before? I just don’t want them to think I am lazy and have two of the same essays.</p>

<p>Bumppp. It’s due today</p>

<p>Bumppppppppppp. Somebody please help!!!</p>

<p>Bumpppppp!!! Please I need someone to answer my question because I don’t want them to read two of the same essays.</p>