Can very good extracurriculars and incredible course load make up for a poor SAT at UW and Pitt

I’m a rising senior who lives in Pittsburgh, Pa.
Right before COVID started to spin out of control, I took the SAT and got a measly 1230. I’ve registered for the upcoming August SAT and am vigorously studying, but there’s always the real possibility that that SAT will get canceled too.
If hypothetically I go into college applications with that 1230 SAT, will other qualities in my resume make up for poor SAT score?
I have a 4.5/3.7 GPA, having taken at least 11 Honors and 10 AP courses, this upcoming fall, I have been accepted to take chemistry at the University of Pittsburgh and by the end of senior year, I plan to have taken at least 2-4 undergrad courses at Pitt.
My extracurriculars/Volunteer work includes
A. Being a commissioner of a community travel soccer club that represents Allegheny County youth soccer.
B. I’m 1st Trumpet in both Marching band and Concert Band for my high school (I wrote the sheet music for many of our Marching band stand tunes).
C. I play Trumpet for the University of Pittsburgh pep band at Pitt basketball/volleyball games.
D. I have studied Piano at the Carnegie Mellon University music program for all of high school and can play the toughest work of the best composers (Chopin, Rachmaninov etc.)
E. I’m a licensed US National Soccer Federation referee and and ref ages up to U18 for clubs across Pennsylvania and West Virginia.
F. I’m team captain of my club soccer travel team, of which a majority of the players letter varsity for my High School (I chose Music over Varsity sport, although I would’ve made varsity).
G. I’m in Model UN and have represented my high school in competitions at the University of Pittsburgh, CMU, and Duquesne University.

My top two schools are Pitt and Wisconsin Madison.
I’m half Taiwanese half Ashkenazi Jewish (Idk if that’s an advantage or disadvantage, but I don’t think there are an abundance of Asian Jews in the world). Also Wisconsin is only 6% Asian American so maybe I’m a necessity there.
Can those extracurriculars and grades make up for my subpar SAT score at Pitt and UW?


Every day we hear of more and more colleges going test optional. Look up the Common Data Sets for those colleges. If you’re in the top 50%, submit the score. If not, consider taking advantage of the TO choice.

Neither Wisconsin or Pitt have gone TO.
This question is assuming the Application includes my SAT

Pitt A&S has gone test optional next year.

That’s only for the school of Arts and Sciences.
Meaning if I want to major in something outside the Dietrich school of arts and sciences, I still need to submit an SAT or ACT.

Your ECs seemed to indicate an A&S interest so I assumed that’s what you wanted. Each school is different. A&S is the easiest. Engineering and Nursing are very hard to get into. So what do you want to major in?

Oh my bad, I had a braindead moment and thought Political Science and/or Chemistry was not School of A&S.
But to be honest, while Pitt is very high on my list and one of my two top schools. I also really want to attend UW Madison.
Is my resume good enough for UW Madison, which has not switched to Test Optional?

Sorry, I don’t know anything about UW Madison. Someone else will need to answer that one.

So far, no plans to cancel the SAT again. You should be good. If it does get cancelled, I imagine there’s going to be a massive nationwide reshuffle and most schools will probably just go TO, because that’s the only fair thing to do. I wouldn’t worry too much about it. Half the high school students in the country are having the same problem.