Can we be late to Calso?

<p>Hey guys, i'm signed up for the June 16th Calso. The earliest flight that I could sign up for arrives in Oakland International at 7:15AM. Calso starts at 7:30. Is it ok if i'm late to calso? Will i miss anything important? also, how long is the bart ride from oakland to downtown berkeley? i heard i have to take air bart to the bart station. Anyone know how long this entire trip will me?</p>

<p>Why don't you just arrive a day early and pay the $35 for an overnight stay in one of the rooms?</p>

<p>because i have a class and that means i would miss 2 days lol. and thats A LOT in summer session.</p>

<p>bump? 10char</p>

<p>You can always fly out later in the day so you don't miss class, check in time is between 3pm and 11pm.</p>

<p>yeah lol but my class is 6:30-9:30.</p>

<p>Oakland Bart to Downtown Berkeley stop is about a 22minute Bart ride. I mean with the walk to campus from the bart station you should make it fine. I can't remember how long air bart takes but it was no more then a 10min ride to the station.</p>

<p>oh ok cool. do you know if i would miss anything important if im like 30 minutes late? im assuming its just breakfast/check-in?</p>

<p>^ I"m going to CalSo on the 10th, so I can tell you after Thursday, but from what I read it's just breakfast and such. May wanna call and make sure if you somehow get there late you can still check in. I'm assuming your just carrying on a backpack, so you should be able to leave as soon as you land.</p>

<p>Give them a call. They should be able to accomodate you.</p>

<p>sweet thanks guys</p>