Can we change our schedule post-orientation?

<p>I know entering freshmen pick their classes at orientation, but are we allowed to change it after orientation by ourselves if we want?</p>

<p>Because I’m not sure if I’ll be set on classes by my orientation date and probably think I’ll want to change some of them afterwards…</p>

<p>there is a certain time frame, when you can change it. i think it’s different for everyone though.</p>

<p>and there is also “pass 2”, if you don’t know what that is, they’ll tell you about it at orientation.
basically, “pass 2” is when you can take upper division classes outside of your major and/or waitlist for classes.</p>

<p>I just meant switching classes within my GE, since I’ll be taking those first. So we are allowed to change it for a short time after orientation without any permission? (And if you know, do they inform us of this time frame at orientation?)</p>

<p>Thanks neverneverland!</p>

<p>well, i’m a transfer so i don’t know if its different for you guys.
but at our orientation everyone was allowed to register at 5:00 - 6:30 with their peer advisor and then some people had a chance to change it later between 8pm and 12am or something like that.
they will definitely inform you about registration times at orientation. just ask!

<p>It should work just as neverneverland stated earlier, you will have the option to change your schedule around from 8-12 that night. By all means, change your schedule if you want to! It’ll only take a couple of quarters for you to get used to dropping/adding classes. In fact, I’ve added classes a day or two AFTER instruction began. I guess what I’m trying to get it is that you’ll have many opportunities to adjust your schedule to your content… good luck! :)</p>

<p>Ohhh… so is it not possible to change it (drop AND add classes) like a week after? or a few days after? Because I’m participating in this transfer program so I need their approval after I sign up for Davis classes… eek. maybe i’m just over worrying?! :(</p>

<p>I <em>think</em> you should be able to change your schedule after 8PM any day after your Pass 1 up until Pass 2 starts, but I can’t remember precisely. Don’t worry too much – you’ll have many opportunities to change your schedule!</p>

<p>not ANY day after pass 1. i can’t change mine anymore and my orientation was on june 23rd. :confused:
but there it supposed to be an open registration right before pass 2.</p>

<p>Ah okay, thanks for the clarification! So most likely you will have to wait until all the Pass 1’s are complete. Open registration starts the day after all the Pass 1’s are done (STEP students have the last Pass 1 day). It will close again for Pass 2, and the cycle repeats itself thereafter.</p>

<p>Look on page 7 of the registration booklet (given out at orientation or online at the link below). It has the exact times and dates you can register. It looks like Aug 20-21 has open registration again for new students. And then of course again during pass 2.
Here is the online link for the registration booklet: <a href=“[/url]”>;/a&gt;&lt;/p&gt;

<p>You can add/drop classes during your appointment times, during open reigstration
listed in the evening during pass1, during your pass2 appointment time, and
then again during open registration evenings and weekends. After your
pass 2 appointment time, check the open course list frequently because this
is when people are adding/dropping frequently and new sections sometimes
are added.
Also, when the ‘registration freeze’ time is over, check early that day if you
are wanting a particular class. The freeze period is when the computer drops
people from classes who haven’t paid their fees on time. So right when it opens
up, there may be some openings.</p>

<p>So I’m looking on Sisweb, and it says that my appointment time for registering for classes is July 12 at 10:00 AM. Is it possible for me to sign up for classes on my own after 10:00 AM while the counselor works with people in front of me in line…? If this is possible, would I get in trouble for it?</p>

<p>JeSuis, do you know what time the registration with counselors begin? Mine says 10AM also, so I’m wondering if its 10AM for EVERYBODY or if it starts at 9AM, and I’m like last in line so it’s 10AM or something like that…</p>

<p>jbourne, that makes so much more sense. I think I get it now. So I see that my chances after pass1 is during my pass2. Thanks!</p>

<p>@nocrackup: I’m not positive, but I think sisweb says 10 AM for everyone. The orientation website says signing up for classes starts at 10 AM on day three. I’m gonna go on my phone and try to sign up for classes if I’m not near the front of the line…</p>

<p>JeSuis - that might be a good idea. Don’t know if they will look down on it or anything.
Or maybe the counselor has to clear a hold before you can ‘go’. But each counselor will take a group of students and start them 1 at a time. I was lucky to be first ( a perk offered if I re-took the math placement exam onsite because I was ‘randomly’ selected). I was done in about 5 minutes because I knew exactly what
I wanted and had all the codes and backup codes ready. However, the guy 2nd in line
was no way prepared and took forever. So all the people in our group behind him were getting screwed on class slots.</p>

<p>For the record, it is possible to sign up for your classes from your phone while waiting in line. However, three of the classes I wanted did not have spots reserved for freshman, so it didn’t really make a difference (they were already filled by upperclassmen.) I got into astronomy 10G and 10L on my phone, which was awkward to explain to my advisor, but that class still isn’t even full so that didn’t matter either.</p>

<p>JeSuis, that is such a great idea! Except I still have no idea what to take so far.
Do you (or anyone) have any suggestions for GE classes? </p>

<p>Also, how many classes do most people end up signing up for? Four?? Sorry for the loads of questions, but I’m getting anxious with my orientation coming up!</p>

<p>Yes, you can change your schedule after orientation, but only for a very minute period of time.</p>

<p>Between 8 PM and 12 AM on the last day of orientation (you get out of orientation at around 1 PM) you can change your schedule. This is what I did. When I got home I realized I had 5 classes on wednesday, so i looked through the general catalogue, found a matching (available) class, and changed my schedule that night.</p>

<p>Hey Bometh, did you do a drop and add by crn at the same time? I’m a bit scared that it might not add because of waitlist and then it still drops.</p>

<p>Yep, did them both at the same time. I didn’t have any other option, as if i only added I would be over the 17 credit limit.</p>