Can We Leave Campus At Night During Orientation?

<p>I Know Ive Been Asking Alot About Orientation, But I Cant Help It, I Dont Know What To Expect...can We Leave Campus At All During Orientation?</p>

<p>Yes... in fact, you'll probably head into Westwood once or twice during your initial orientation tour. No one's stopping you from going where you want at night, either... However, I would rather be going to the scavenger hunt, per se.</p>

<p>there was a waterpolo party on the night of the scavenger hunt... and some orientation kids went. what u do is all up to u.</p>

<p>i enjoyed the scavenger hunt. i hadn't met any of my team members until about twenty minutes before we started, either.</p>

<p>yeah u need groups of ten and prolly u wont have known 10 people yet. also they give u a bottled water... in case u dehydrate =)</p>

<p>I want to see a friend of mine who lives near UCLA one night during orientation. What time do the days usually end? I want to plan ahead with him.</p>