Can we send in more information about our ECs/activities after we applied?

<p>I have a couple big ongoing projects I'm working on that will be completed within the next few months.</p>

<p>right now, i can only say they're in progress. but if/when i complete them will it be possible to update colleges on that to strengthen my app?</p>

<p>i understand that they might not allow that, because then kids would just go out and start a bunch of stuff after they submitted their apps. but this is actually something that's been in the works for a while, and it's very relevant to my application.</p>


<p>I think it's okay to send updates after you've applied, they want to have a complete picture of you.</p>

<p>Besides, random stuff that is started after you apply will probably have no impact, but yours sounds like a significant commitment that they would want to know about.</p>

<p>Absolutely update with significant information, including awards or honors.</p>

<p>Yeah, definitely update; if not just to expand your resume, it'll prove to colleges that you don't just stop working after applications are in.</p>

<p>we sent in two FAXs with son's SSN and a regional award. would not send in local things unless you think they are signficant</p>