Can we still cancel scores?

<p>hey can people still cancel their test even though they left the test center already? collegeboard states that we must complete a form for cancelation right after your test.</p>

<p>yes can cancel until wednesday</p>

<p>how do you cancel. do you call customer service for collegeboard</p>

<p>it should be on the collegeboard website i think you have to fax them in writing to send your request.</p>

<p>Canceling Scores After Test Day</p>

<p>Cancellation requests after the test day must be received by the Wednesday following the test date. Requests must be received in writing and include:</p>

<li>the test center number</li>
<li>the name of the test they want to cancel</li>
<li>student's name, address, sex, birth date, social security number, and registration number</li>

<p>Where to send the Cancellation Request</p>

<p>Students should label their inquiry "Attention: SAT Score Cancellation" and send it by one of the following:</p>

<li>Fax: (609) 771-7681</li>
<li>Overnight delivery (U.S. only) U.S. Postal Service Express Mail:
SAT Score Cancellation
PO Box 6228
Princeton, NJ 08541-6228</li>
<li>Other overnight mail or courier service (U.S. or international):
SAT Score Cancellation
225 Phillips Boulevard
Ewing, NJ 08618 U.S.A</li>

<p>So all I have to do is send it on what? A special paper? A plain piece of paper? A sheet with test center, age, etc and signature? </p>

<p>(I couldn't finish the essay(did only 3 paragraphs) because they started 45 minutes later than 7:45 which threw me off, and they shotchanged me with only 20 minutesto do it :(:(:(:(:(:(:(:()</p>

<p>If they really gave you 20 minutes, thats only 5 you wouldnt have finished it anyways.</p>

<p>Yes I would. I already had all te detailes waiting to be written down. I had the ideas. A little rushed, perhaps, but still a 8-10. Grammer was good. Structure was good. Relation to topic was great.
The only thing that could hinder it from being 12 good was the fact that I did not use the most complex wording. With that 5 minutes, I could have gotten a 8-10. I should have took less time preparing that I should have. Regardless, my essay could have ben pretty damn good, and I think that's why it's worth cancelling. (plus I did bad on the following 2 sections because I wasn't phycologically ready. :()</p>