Can you apply for a scholarship after the deadline?

Denison offered a $25,000/yr scholarship for OH students this year. The deadline to apply was December 1st. There was missed communication regarding this scholarship. Is there any possible way to apply for that scholarship now?

You would have to contact Denison and ask them.

But you did not miss the deadline by a few days…you missed it by over four months.


Given the Pandemic, and a huge increase in families asking for aid, I would think that funds would be limited and already dedicated to those students who were able to meet the deadlines.
You need to contact the school directly.

Did you receive your financial aid package from Denison?

Denison is a school that meets 100% demonstrated need. Depending on your financials, you may find that the 25k may not help your cause. If you get the 25k, it will just decrease your demonstrated need (the merit money cannot be used to lower your EFC,

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