can you be considered for robertson and another full ride at the same time?


<p>I applied for the Robertson at UNC. If I'm considered for Robertson as a semi-finalist or finalist, can I also be considered/become a finalist for another merit full ride at UNC? (Such as Pogue, etc) Because I feel like Robertson is one of the hardest to get, it would be great if I could be considered for others too. Is it possible to become finalists for more than one full ride? Like Robertson and Pogue simultaneously?</p>

<p>I know if you’ve already received another full ride your Pogue invitation gets revoked, but I doubt the same thing happens with the Robertson since a lot of Robertson candidates should be in the running for other scholarships anyway. That being said, since the Robertson is one of the last scholarships to come out your candidacy shouldn’t have an effect on decisions made prior to that.</p>

<p>So what about the other way around–will other full ride merit scholarships affect your Robertson candidacy? For ex, if I was considered for Pogue?</p>

<p>For incoming students, the only scholarship you cannot be considered for at the same time as the Robertson is the Morehead-Cain (unless you are competing for the Robertson at Duke and the Morehead at UNC).</p>

<p>If you’ve won the Pogue, you could still be considered by the Robertson.</p>