can you bring....

<p>paper with college codes written on it in to the PSAT testing? How many schools can you send your scores to? If you make NMS semi-finalist do they offer you an opportunity to send the scores to additional schools? Thanks!!!!</p>

<p>No, you don't provide school codes on the test. If you want your child's scores to be sent to colleges, tell him/her to be sure to check the box on the test form that says, "yes, I want to share my scores with colleges." Then, your child will be inundated with mail! Depending on the PSAT score, schools that actively solicit high scorers may make a targeted outreach. It is really important that your child (and you) receive the mail understanding college recruitment is big business. Just because Big Name School sends you something weekly doesn't mean they really think you're special, that you are sure to be admitted, etc. You will develop the ability to discren when an outreach is personal, customized and sincere.</p>

<p>PSAT/NMSQT:</a> Student Search Service</p>

<p>If your student's score = commended or semi-finalist, the National Merit group will provide instructions re: their notification of the score to two schools of your choice. At the semi-finalist level, the choice of schools can be somewhat important. You will want to make a strategic decision based on various factors, including whether that school funds National Merit scholarships. There is always a lot of talk here on CC about factors to consider in selecting your two.</p>

<p>Thank you. That really clarifies the issue for me.</p>