Can you chance for me these schools??

30 ACT
3.62 Weighted GPA
3.00 Unweighted
(Best grades are my junior year grades which is a 3.86 weighted gpa)

Captain of Varsity Volleyball team of 4 years
Track and Field
National Honors Society
Delta Scholars
Best Buddies
Morning Announcements

IT or Computer Science

African American

Do I have a chance for any of these schools:
University of Maryland College Park
University of Maryland Baltimore County
Temple University
University of Florida
UNC Chapel Hill
Penn State
University of Delaware
Howard University
Spelman College

I feel like my test score and extracurriculars are fine but my gpa is lacking

UNC and UMD would be reaches - especially UNC - due to a lack of developed ECs and lower academic profile. In terms of the others, you have an decent to slim shot at. I’d actually flip your evaluation - you have OK test scores, but your GPA and ECs are lacking. The only things I see listed that could really count as true ECs are Delta Scholars, Best Buddies, SGA, and NHS. All of those are at-best in-school clubs. Colleges like to see a proficiency and interest (mainly interest) in the intended field of study, but unless your FOIS has something to do with helping mentally disabled people, you have no ECs that match up, which would be a big red flag to colleges. Many students participate in competition-based ECs or real-world based ECs like internships or volunteering, of which you have none. I’d give you a shot at admission at UMBC, UD, Howard and Spelman. The others seems like reaches to me. GL!