Can you chance me for Stanford?

Hi i am HS junior can you chance me for Stanford University.
Academics and test scores
Class rank- 2/250
Sat scores -perfact(1600)
Sat subject test-maths 2-800
Physics -800
English -750
(scores are impressive cuz I preparing for JEE mains)
Ecs- 1 Basketball team captain (#1 team nationally)
2 Co-founder of local model UN(award for best local event organizer)
3 Rise summer program (BU)
4 National cadet core team leader
5 founder of local astronomy club ( we select 15 Bright minds in city every summer and provide free astro teaching)
6 Indian science Olympiad (silver medalist)
7 national NTSE scholar
8 Co found nonprofit(help animals with food Andrew other stuff we are team of 350+ and raise 50000+ dollars in 2 years)

The real issue you face is that perhaps 80% of US applicants with similar stats get rejected, and international students face much tougher odds than that.

You can certainly apply to Stanford, but I recommend that you also look at places like Cambridge and Oxford which are much more merit based in terms of admission. And of course India has fine colleges as well that admit on merit.

What you think about ecs how I can improve it?

“Basketball team captain”

Are you recruitable for basketball?

I think that you are competitive. However, 80% of applicants to Stanford are academically qualified. You are clearly in this 80%. The trick is to get into the less than 5% who are accepted.

Stanford athletics wants athletes who are also excellent academically. If your basketball skills are strong enough, the combination could help you.

I think that it is worth an application. However it is a reach unless and until the basketball coach tells you otherwise.

@DadTwoGirls our team is national best team and we also compete next year for junior national level.

Can anyone provide a good feedback with full explanation what are my weakness how I can improve it any what are my strength.

“what are my weakness”

I cannot comment on your free throw percentage or turnover ratio or rebounding since I do not know your basketball stats. Otherwise I do not think that you have any weakness, or at least not anything that is under your control.

The issue is that 80% of applicants to Stanford are academically qualified to attend. I took this number from an article that was in the magazine that Stanford sends to alumni. Stanford accepts less than 5% of applicants. It is hard to get in.

If you are recruitable for basketball then you chances go way up. Stanford prides itself on being both academically excellent and having strong sports teams. Their sports teams would prefer to recruit academically excellent players if they can find them. This means if you are strong enough as an athlete your athletic abilities makes it more likely that you will get accepted to Stanford, and your academic excellence is something that the basketball coach will be very happy to see.

Agree with @Dad2girls @hebegebe. Per former Stanford admission officer “ The Stanford application process is so competitive that the admissions office has to deny admittance to 74% of students with over 4.0 GPA’s and perfect scores on the SAT/ACT.” I don’t mean to put you down or scare you from applying but with acceptance lower than 5%, it’s a reach for the brightest kids. Below is a blog from a former admission officer at Stanford 2 years ago about the admission process. Very informational. Apply and good luck!

Ok, looking at your background a bit more and have some questions.

A quick google search on NTSE scholar says that only 1000 students get that. Is that given only to students from a specific grade, or can anyone get it across grades? In other words, how many seniors will have that designation?

How many seniors will have a silver or gold on the science olympiad?

BU Rise is a very respectable program, but I assume it was cancelled? You can certainly still list it of course, but the real downside is that you didn’t get to perform any research.

You mentioned Stanford, but have you considered MIT? Your basketball skills are much more likely to be recruitable there rather than Stanford. But be aware that MIT’s coaches have limited sway.

You look to be a competitive applicant with academics and ECs that should get you a serious look at any college. The rest will depend on things we can’t see such as your essays, LORs, etc.

Any elite college (Stanford has acceptance rates in the low single digits) must be considered a reach for any unhooked applicant. Be sure to take the time to search out a group of match and safety schools that appear affordable (run net price calculators) and that you would be excited to attend.

@happy1 you are a senior mameber can you tell me what i can i improve in terms of my ecs i am really stressed about it thats why i came here please tell me how i can improve my ecs.

Short of curing covid, being a recruited athlete, or something long those lines there is no one activity that is better than others – if there was everyone would be running to do that one activity. I would keep doing what you are doing and work towards making a meaningful contribution to each activity.

Keep in mind that Stanford has an acceptance rate UNDER 5% and that rate is probably lower for international students. There are many more very well qualified applicants than there are spots available.

Be the best “you” you can be and give the application your all. BUT as I said above, be sure to also take the time to search out a group of match and safety schools that appear affordable (run net price calculators) and that you would be excited to attend (including options in your home country).

@happy1 agree with you but what I can do to improve my ecs more, I have 1 year more please tell,and how you rate me on 1 to 10 scale.

@F35lightning. The best advice for you is to continue to do what you are “passion” about and not because you think it will look good on your application. You are a competitive applicant with respect to academic and extracurricular (leadership, President, etc). Apply and hope that what you are currently doing is what Stanford is seeking in a student. There is no magic formula cause what Stanford considered excellent extra curricular this year may not be next year. There was an article out recently about how Stanford had to turn away many applicants that participate in MIT summer programs such as RSI. Any given years, many of these applicants would have been admitted to Stanford because these programs are super competitive and having done them give you an advantage.