Can you chance me for USC please??

<p>I am applying to:
UCLA, UC Berk, UCSD, Indiana University Bloomington, Georgetown University, Dartmouth, Boston College, Boston University, NYU, and USC.</p>

<p>My stuff:
Acad. GPA (9-12)- 4.3438
Acad. GPA (10-12)- 4.50
Total GPA (9-12)- 4.3056</p>

<p>Non-Weighted- 4.00</p>

<p>SAT Reasoning Scores:
Critical Reading- 590
Writing- 720
Math- 800</p>

<p>SAT 2 Scores:
Math 2- 700
US History- 570
Korean with listening- 700</p>

ASB- Senior Class President
Key Club- President
Fishing Club- President
Environmental Club- Vice president/Communications
NHS- Member
CSF- Member
Peer Leaders- Member
Church- Treasurer</p>

Basketball Spirit Award; 9th and 10th grade
Top GPA on the basketball team; 10th grade
Top GPA Award; 10th and 11th grade
Honor Guard; 11th grade
Inspiring Peer Leader Award; 11th grade
AP Scholar with Honor; 12th grade
Principals Honor Roll; 12th grade</p>

<p>What are my chances of getting into the schools I'm applying to??</p>

<p>Your standardized scores seem a tad low (namely critical reading on SAT), your gpa looks great though and you seem to have a nice amount of extracurriculars
UCLA - 7
Berkley - 5
UCSD - 9
Indiana University Bloomington - 10 For sure
Georgetown University - To be honest I don't know enough about them
Dartmouth - 5
Boston College - Don't know much about
Boston University - Don't know much about
NYU - Don't know anything about either really
USC - 6</p>

<p>I'm sorry but I honestly know little about east coast places, could you also chance me please?</p>

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<p>The only thing that seems weak on your application is your critical reading score, but your GPA and extracurriculars really help to balance that out.
I think you're in at: UCLA, and definitely USC. Sorry I don't know that much about the other schools.
Berkeley you should be in too, especially with that GPA and maybe they'll look at the test scores and think that you're the type of person who doesn't do well with standardized tests.
Chance me back please!</p>

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<p>Your SAT'S (CR) Are weak for the schools you're applying to but I'll chance</p>

<p>UCLA: Reach
UC Berk: Match
UCSD: Match
Indiana University Bloomington: Match
Georgetown University: Bit of a Reach
Dartmouth: Reach
Boston College: Match
Boston University: Match
NYU: Match/Reach
USC: In</p>

<p>Good Luck!</p>

<p>Chance Me Please:
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<p>Thank You.</p>

<p>do an SAT stand-by for january, or take the ACT (it has an easier reading portion in my opinion) i hate to break it to you but like everyone said... the CR is not good. </p>

<p>I guess i'll shine more light upon the situation than saying it's not good. A lot of these institutions admit the phenomenal well rounded candidate or the super lopsided one-sided specialized candidate. At this point with your CR you're neither. I think your EC's demonstrate a lot of leadership which is great! do i think it will offset your CR weakness? not quite. They do look at you hollistically... but this CR score speaks more than just pure numbers - it demonstrates a lop-sided student that they might not want to take the "risk" on. At this point you're vying for a position like thousands of others. </p>

<p>sorry i don't mean to be blunt... i just wanted to be honest :&lt;/p>

<p>chance time!</p>

<p>UC's (depends on if your Out of State.)
UCLA: Reach
UC Berk: Reach
UCSD: Match</p>

<p>Indiana University Bloomington: Match
Georgetown University: Reach
Dartmouth: Reach
Boston College: Low Reach
Boston University: Low Reach
NYU: Low Reach
USC: Low Reach</p>

<p>UCB - reach
Ucla - reach
UCSD - match
Indiana - reach
Rest - reaches</p>

<p>Probably good chances everywhere but Georgetown & Dartmouth.</p>

<p>UCSD Match
rest reaches
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<p>Can u pls chance me?.......I will put my stats here coz i don't knw how to do the link (im new) </p>

<p>IGCSE(Grade 10) (A<em>, A, B - U this is the order. A</em> and A is a 4.0/4.0 in American terms. B is 3.7/3.8)
Math: A
Physics: A
First Language English: A
Business Studies: A
English lit: B
ICT (COmputers): B
Media Studies: A* </p>

<p>IB First Year:
Math HL: 6
Eco HL: 7
Business HL: 6
Physics SL: 7
French AB: 6
English A1: 6
SAT: 1910 (610Reading, 700Math, 600 Writing) I knw its bad but I am an international student who has done sat gor 1 month...will they take tat into account?</p>

<p>My Ec's are really good like 4 years captain of cricket and football team. MUN, volunteered for Dubai International Film Festival, Volunteered for Marathon, Prefect for 4 years. My most unique which i will talk abt im my essyas are Mt. Everest base camp trek, 5600 meters. Plus I have got lots of distincitve letters. </p>

<p>Rec's: My conselor rec and teacher rec are good/excellent. </p>

<p>I was wondering if u can let me knw about my chances for USC?</p>

<p>Btw, I think u have great scores just the reading bit might hurt u.</p>

<p>ohh yea and i am in international student who lives in dubai...thanks for ur time....</p>

<p>i think your stats are pretty well rounded.
the sat can go up by a lot if you just work on your writing (usually easiest to raise)</p>