Can you change subjects for SATII after you registered?

<p>I registered online for SAT II this november, but I want to change the subject, can you still do it? because I don't see any options to change subjects.</p>

<p>you can change at the test site.</p>

<p>just take the tests you want on the test date. ETS will charge you accordingly.</p>

you signed up for bio
you take french writing math on test date</p>

<p>you will get you scores for those 3 tests and be charged for them afterwards. even though you only payed for one test upon registration</p>

<p>Yep. They don't care - they only care about whether it's the SAT I or SAT II. There's a huge, several inch thick book of the SAT IIs and you can flip to whatever and take it.</p>

<p>unless it's a language with listening, you can change it at the site.</p>

<p>I thought you could only do 1 test if you signed up for 1 test, 2 tests if you signed up for 2, and 3 if you signed up for 3. I knew they could be whatever tests you wanted them to be, but I thought that's how it works. Am I mistaken? Has anyone ever done otherwise?</p>

<p>no you only have to sign up for one. Then you can take more and they'll charge you.</p>

<p>In October I only signed up for writing and they only charged me for writing, but I went and ended up taking writing, math, and spanish. They just bill you later</p>

<p>Do they charge you as if you had done walk in for the extra tests? Or is it just the regular price?</p>

<p>They charge you extra if you change your tests. I think it's $17.00 extra for a change.</p>