Can you change your application/supplements after deferral?

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I know my essays weren’t as good as they could have been had I worked on them longer. If I’m not matched to any of the schools that I ranked, would I be able to edit my supplemental essays and update my Common App/improve my personal statement before reapplying for Questbridge regular decision?



I believe that once your application is submitted, you cannot change your essays or anything on the common app. However, if you are deferred to regular decision, you can notify all your schools of anything noteworthy that happened since your application was submitted, i.e. major awards.

I would also like to take this opportunity to say that if you are not matched, you may receive e-mails from QB schools asking you to apply ED. Do not discount those e-mails if you are truly interested in the school. I won’t say that it is a shoo-in, but it does mean that the schools are interested.

I worked with someone who wasn’t matched but was asked to apply to Columbia ED via e-mail after the match round, he is currently Columbia Class of 2018.

@momofmusician17 Do you know if all schools send these ED emails to students they are more willing to admit, for example if Columbia sends an ED letter but Emory doesn’t- is that a good indication that you have a better chance at Columbia ED?

Also, are they generic emails? Does everyone get them if they ranked a particular school?

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did you ever find out the answer to this???