Can you double major at Boyer?

I’m wondering if you can double major (similar to Oberlin) in both performance and an academic subject? It’s a prominent option on the Oberlin site but I can’t find any info on the Temple site.


I would email Boyer and ask. At most large universities it is possible, but extremely difficult and frequently discouraged.

I suggest you read the Double Degree Dilemma essay in the Read Me thread here on the music major forum. Oberlin is well-known for its support of double degrees. I am unsure whether your question concerns double majors or double degrees. Often a “double major” within a conservatory is for two music disciplines and a “double degree” is for music and an academic discipline (which would be at Temple in this case).

Boyer offers a music BS degree which includes a “generalist” music education with liberal arts
Music Major | Temple University

I agree it is a good idea to ask admissions at Boyer about double majors and double degrees but first read the essay and be clear on what you want and are asking about :tulip:

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@compmom, yes I’ve read the pinned post on double major/double degree. Thanks!

So which are you asking about? I agree the website has no info on this so it would be good to email or call Boyer :slight_smile:

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@compmom I guess I was asking about the double degree, misspoke by saying “double major”.

My kid is music school level but not sure about music school. We have some LACs targeted that have good ensembles and even merit for talent, but I feel like the door should be kept open for the music school path …it’s complicated.

We’ve been through this process before so not completely green.

Oberlin and Bard are good choices for this situation, with a “low wall” between college and conservatory but you probably already know that. Lawrence, Ithaca…I won’t go on because this isn’t what you asked!

I think it is good for students who aren’t sure and don’t want to “close the door” on music schools, to apply to all options and decide in late April :slight_smile:

Can you ask Boyer directly?

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@compmom that’s exactly her strategy. Oberlin is on the list. I think it would be perfect but not sure the location is right for her. And shel’ll ask Boyer. The best would be for her to have as many options as possible next spring.

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