Can you give me these informations/facts about UNLV?

Can you give me some of these informations? I need it to present in front of class as a poster.
The questions are:
Who, what, where, when, how much…
1.) College Mascot?
2.) College colors?
3.) Year Founded?
4.) Total numbers of enrollment? (Student enrollment( number of people who attend)
5.) Type of program UNLV known for?
6.) Yearly cost? $$
7.) 5 facts about UNLV?
8.) Total of numbers of Female to Male? (% or ratio)
9.) Percentage of Race/Ethnicity/Religion?
10.) Most people/ Famous people who came to UNLV?

It probably took you longer to type your thread than to simply search it in Wikipedia/Google.

Plus “information” never has an “s”.