can you have a minor in law?

<p>just for background information.</p>

<p>In the United States, law is a course of graduate study. You cannot get this in an undergraduate institution.</p>

<p>That said, some business schools have a "legal studies" concentration that amounts to a minor, e.g.: Legal</a> Studies & Business Ethics</p>

<p>As mentioned in the link, this is not something you'd want to do if you intended to go on to law school.</p>

<p>Other schools and departments such as international studies may also have relevant "law" minors.</p>

<p>you can definitely minor in pre-law at some colleges and universities. of course, you have to look at the offerings at your college to know if that particular college allows it.</p>

<p>i also know that at some schools (georgetown is the one i am drawing the specifics from) you can major and minor in whatever you like and do a concentration in pre-law. that way, you can major in something more specific and interesting to you, but still be prepared to pursue a law career</p>