Can you help me get into a Top 50/Top 100?

So I’m going to be a Junior in high school this upcoming year and I need CC’s help.
I’m going to post all the information I can think of and ask some questions along the way.

So, my freshman and sophomore grades are humiliating.

Freshman year I moved to this new area and school and I absolutely hated everything. I took 5 honors and both semesters I got a 2.8.
Sophomore year at first I did much much better. I took 3 honors, 2 AP’s and got a 3.5 GPA first semester. However- because of personal reasons- I started becoming really mentally unstable and I stressed out too much near the end of the year and my GPA went down again. I think I had a 2.8 in second semester, and I failed AP Biology but retook it online and got a B+.

I’m aiming to GREATLY improve my GPA. I have goals for junior/senior year that aren’t unrealistic and if everything goes well I should have at least a 3.4 UW over all.

To give you a wider view on my schedule:

H English
H Math Analysis
H Physics
Graphic Design
H Spanish 2
H Computer Science (This was a “University of Washington class” and I got a 4.0 and credit)

H English
AP Environmental (AP score of 4)
AP Biology (AP score of 3)
H Spanish 3
H Math Analysis

// Even though I’m not a junior yet, I basically know my schedule because of the lack of classes at my school //

AP Language
AP Psychology
Environmental Engineering and Sustainable Design
AB Calc
H Chemistry
AP US History

AP English
Biomedical Engineering (two periods)
AP Chemistry
Either BC Calc or AP Stat?
AP Civics

I know some of you may tell me to do less honors/AP’s but I honestly think I can handle it now that’s I’m more “stable”, and because of the fact that my school doesn’t offer regular classes.

As for EC’s (guaranteed)~
1 yr debate club
1 yr volunteering at crisis clinic
3 yrs of Health Occ. Students of America*
2 yrs Honor Society
4 years volunteering at art museum
4 years volunteering at elementary schools
2 yrs. Future Business Leaders Assoc.*
(Not much I know)

*In these clubs I’m able to win awards

Moving on, I really need some advice on what colleges to aim for.

I’m female living in Washington, so University of Washington always appealed to me. My mom graduated from there.

My full list of colleges I’m interested in consist of (and note, I’m of course NOT going to apply to ALL of them):
-University of Washington
-University of Oregon
-UC: Davis, Merced, Riverside
-Pepperdine University
-Fordham University
-Syracuse University

So as you can see most of these are extreme reaches. I live up to the Pisces stereotype and I’m a dreamer.
I’d also like to ask for some college matches for me? Is it best to just go to community college for a couple years and then transfer later? The thing is I don’t see a problem with that but I come from the usual “strict asian family” and as much as I’d like that choice I think I’d get shunned.

I also have no idea what I’d like to major in. Biomedical engineering, environmental engineering, biology in general and business really appeal to me but I’m not certain on anything.

Other questions for you guys are:
-How significantly would awards help my application?
-Should I join more clubs during junior year?
-Any improvements on my EC’s I could make? (most likely too late for that)
-Should I even bother applying to those colleges?
-Any match colleges for me? Low reach? Safety?
-Other colleges I should know about?
-SAT score to aim for? ACT score?

Although honestly any advice would be great :o)

Other than the University of Washington, all the other schools on your list are OOS. Can you and your family afford these schools? I am only familar with California schools, so unless you can get your GPA up to 3.4 by end of Junior year, your chances are zero at UC Merced, UC Riverside and UC Davis. OOS applicant need a UC GPA of 3.4 to even apply. UC’s do not use Freshman grades nor Senior grades in their GPA calculation so here is a link to calculate your GPA:

Here is also the average UC GPA and SAT/ACT scores for the 3 UC’s mentioned to give you an idea of what to shoot for:

UCM:::: Average UC GPA: 3.67 SAT: 1616 ACT: 24
UCR:::: Average UC GPA: 3.78 SAT: 1746 ACT: 26
UCD::: Average UC GPA: 4.07 SAT: 1924 ACT: 29

Be aware that the UC’s give little to no financial aid, so expect to pay close to full price at $55K/year.

Pepperdine would also be a Reach with your current GPA.

Going to a CCC and transferring is an excellent option, since it will give you time to work on your study skills and basically start over with your GPA. There is nothing wrong in attending a CCC but you should definitely discuss this with your parents. I would think that they would want the best for you including getting into a good college. Going to CCC could make this happen.

Good Luck.