can you help?

<p>hey... ive been reading the posts on this website since i sent in my application and ive been wondering if i have any type of chance at all.
i'm definitely an eng/history person... will that hurt me if i havent taken math/science APs?
i applied ED to penn. applying regular to northwestern, wesleyan, tufts, vassar, brown, barnard, BU, Umaryland.</p>

<p>here are my stats:
1460 SAT, 780 V, 680 M
UW GPA- 92, weighted- closer to 94, 95
one of top public schools in country
AP exam grades: World- 5, U.S.- 4
Classes this year: AP Euro, AP Gov & Politics, AP Studio Art, AP English, Honors Advanced Functions (mix of calculus and pre-calc), Journalism III</p>

-Editor in chief of school paper, was Features editor last year, went to prestigious summer journalism program at northwestern
-staff of literary magazine
-art ECs, also ran and produced art gallery show to benefit children with special needs, attended selective art program at Wesleyan University
-piano, play at festivals at most advanced level
-varsity swim team- 4 years
-mock trial- defense lawyer, lead witness
-founded french club, biking club
-national charity league- involvement in many local organizations
-internship at local tv station and am co-producing a program with them</p>

<p>bump... anyone? also SAT IIs are writing 800, world history 680, biology 700</p>

<p>Well, I think you'd have a safe bet with Vassar.</p>


<p>Might look at Bowdoin, Holy Cross or Colgate.</p>