Can You Hide A Subject Test Score?

<p>Hey everyone just a few quick questions.</p>

<p>I took three SAT II subject tests and I did well on two of them. Is it possible for me to hide the third score?</p>

<p>Or, should I take the ACT with writing and send it in instead of the Subject test scores?</p>

<p>And, does CollegeBoard automatically send ALL subject tests scores with the SAT reasoning test score?</p>

<p>With the new Score Choice, you can send ONLY the ones you want them to see. However, some colleges have "refused" to accept this new score-choice policy and "require" students to send in ALL scores. </p>

<p>I don't think colleges will ever really know whether you have sent in all of your scores, however. It's pretty much an "honesty" thing.</p>

<p>Whenever possible, go to the primary source:</p>

<p>Send</a> your scores to colleges and scholarship programs</p>

<p>"Q: Is Score Choice available for both SAT and SAT Subject Tests score reports?
A: Yes. You can select which scores you send to colleges by test date for the SAT and by individual test for SAT Subject Tests. When using free registration score sends, you must send the scores for all the tests you have just registered for (SAT or SAT Subject Tests)."</p>

<p>So then, how do colleges/unis that refuse to allow Score Choice know that the student has sent all scores? Does College Board have a score reporting format that certifies that the student has not used Score Choice?</p>

<p>Ms Ladybug (love your name),</p>

<p>At this point in time I haven't seen the answer to your question. It's something that has been discussed on the Yale forum since Y wants all scores sent. And on another thread a poster declared that the fact that you chose Score Choice would show up on what the CB sends to colleges. I haven't seen that documented anywhere and have asked the poster to give a weblink to prove his claim. </p>

<p>Until I see otherwise, I'm assuming, like so many other things on the application, that schools that want all scores sent are relying on the candidate's honesty.</p>

<p>If you take three subject tests on one test date, do all scores from the one test date have to be sent or can you pick and choose?</p>

<p>YOu can pick and choose, even by test date.</p>

Please read my post #3. KansasGirl is right, you can pick and choose within test date, UNLESS (as the passage cited above states), you are using the free registration score sends.</p>

<p>Makes me wonder, has anyone been caught not sending all their scores when they were required to?</p>

<p>Oh, I'm sorry, I completely missed that! Thanks for your help.</p>