Can you minor in dance at UPenn?

I have wanted to attend the Univerity of Pennsylvania for a very long time, but after thinking through what I really want from my college education I have some concerns. In college I want to major in a STEM field, but I also really want to minor in dance. After college I don’t plan on being a dancer, but I would like to do small performances on the side.

Is it possible to minor in dance at UPenn? Do you have to audition to minor in dance at UPenn? If so, how hard is the audition? Lastly, if minoring in dance is not an option at UPenn, are there still opportunities to dance through clubs?

I think this is it for Penn:

I just did a search. I see nothing about majoring or minoring in dance.

Check out Case Western Reserve University. Very strong in Engineering and they have a Dance Minor.