Can you please chance me for Lewis & Clark College?

Can you please chance me for RD?

I am in the top 5% of my class (38/762)
I have 3.88UW and 4.13W
I have taken 2 APs/2 Dual Enrollment Classes from 9-11th grade
I have taken 5 Honors Classes

SAT: 1270 (650 Math 620 Reading) w/o essay (I visited Smith College and the Dean told me that scores are the last thing they look at and that they don’t really do anything for your application.) I had my interview there.

I was the president of Knitting Club in 10th grade. I have been the president of Ethiopian/Eritrean Club for since junior year. I have had a job from the beginning of my 10th grade year. I just recently quit because it took up too much of my time. I am a member of the National English Honor Society and HOSA.

Section C7 - class rigor and GPA are very important, scores are important (along with ECs, class rank, essays, recs, work…).
Section C9:
Math is good but reading is a little low (near 25%ile)
Your GPA and class rank are good.

For anyone that is reading this, I just want to share that I got in :). I also got the dean’'s scholarship, which is so great!