Can You Please Chance Me?

Term: Summer 2018

In State/Out of State-In State

Weighted GPA:3.2
ACT/SAT scores:940 on SAT First Time. Retaking hoping to get at least around 1030-1100 on SAT and 24 on ACT

Course types: Challenging Courses
Freshman: English I Honors
Sophomore:1 Honors
Junior: U.S History Honors,Pre-Calculus Honors,English III Honors
Senior: Dual Enrollment College Algebra,Dual Enrollment Freshman Comp Skills I, U.S Gov Honors,Economics Honors

Community Service Hours:132 +
Volunteered for YMCA,Nursing Homes and Soup Kitchens
Extra-curricular: Choir,Ambassador,Peer Ministry,Green Club, Student Government Representative Editor In Chief for Yearbook
Other: I have performed at Carneige Hall in New York for choir. In choir I have achieved a Superior rating for two years.

-Just wanting to know if I could get in with my GPA and hopefully test scores for the Summer term,which I heard is easier to get into.

@nayaac0616 did you apply? Have you taken the SAT again? A few years ago (old SAT version) UNF published minimum SAT math and verbal scores on their website - actually I believe it was State of FL minimums for State Universities…I quickly searched and did not find those minimums listed…not sure if that’s still a requirement with the rSAT.

what are your math and verbal scores? If you can get 500+ in each section, then I think you are good for Summer admit.

Yes, I applied and have been deferred. I just took the ACT in October and received a 20. I have decided to focus on the ACT and I’m retaking it in December. I also know someone who has gotten into Summer with a 20 act.

I’ve been accepted with an 1100 on the SAT and a 3.7 gpa