Can you read AP books, and pass SAT IIs?

<p>For the SAT II: Biology, do you think i can just read Cliffs AP Biology and get above a 650 on the test?</p>

<p>I am currently taking AP bio right now...we are on like chapter 10? in cambells.</p>

<p>kaplan+barron+numerous practice tests+cliffs ap+honors biology molecular = </p>

<p>790 bio M, june '04</p>

<p>altf4, that's basically how i got an 800 on my test.</p>

<p>neelesh, it can't be too hard to get a SAT II practice book. If you don't want to buy one, just borrow one from a library. It'll definately help you in the end.</p>

<p>ap bio (no reg bio) + no studying whatsoever ----> 720 '02 June</p>

<p>got a 5 on the ap test </p>

<p>I recommend getting at least one sat2 bio book, because I think the AP and sat2 material are a bit different. Oh, and take the ecology section unless you completely didn't cover/study for it; it's easier to score higher on it than M. I took M only because I never covered ecology in my class (and was too lazy to study for it =/).</p>

<p>Bleh, I really should've studied for it...esp after seeing the above posters' scores, haha. Oh well!</p>

<p>just do well in your class, youll do fine..</p>

<p>Just use the SAT II books...those work pretty well....I like Sparknotes and Princeton Review</p>

<p>AP bio+no study+Super Ghouls and Ghosts the night before till 5 am=
780 SAT ii Bio (Jun '04)</p>

<p>Bio is so braindead its not even funny. If you've ever taken any a bio course in HS, jus go over your old review sheets. You'll easily get a 650+. </p>

<p>Lol, now that I think about it, I remember answering a completely different question than the question asked for the essay section on the AP Bio test. I remember praying for a 3 afterwards... and I got a 5! Stupid collegeboard, so inconsistent. Or maybe it's just me.</p>

<p>lol, yeah i was suprised i got a 5 too. i had to leave part of the lab free response blank because i never learned the chi box (or whatever it's called) crap . I was totally thinking I was going to get a 2 or 3, haha.</p>

i actually took it in ', was it only a year ago?</p>

<p>i left soo many blank, i think almost 5 or yea, just plenty of practice and exposure</p>