Can you send a rec letter to UC schools?

Are you allowed to send recs for UC schools even if they don’t ask for tehm? and as for carnegie mellon, which follows the common application, are you allowed to send rec letters too?

<p>no one can answer this?</p>

<p>I suppose you COULD send a rec letter to the UCs, but they say they don't want them and do not consider them. Why would you want to annoy them by sending something they don't want to see?</p>

<p>The UC's do want them and will not consider them if submitted. Carnegie Mellon does accept them and use them in the admission process. Once you have sent in the common app, you can have teachers send rec letters directly.</p>

<p>I think drusba meant that the UC's do NOT want them. . .the initial stage of the UC application consists of your application going to some giant processing center. Any recommendation sent at that point will go directly into garbage. The processing center will then send your app to each UC school that you check off and pay $$. A file will be set up at each school for you. Could you send letters of rec in at this time? Conceivably. . .will they help? Doubt it. . .</p>

<p>Letters of rec may help if you appeal your rejection.</p>