Can you seriously chew gums during the S.A.T.s?

<p>someone suggested chewing gums on some thread, and most peope said that the overseers don't really care. but i mean, who wants to risk being caught 'chewing' and get kicked out with his/her score cancelled?</p>

<p>i tried asking collegeboad this question, and the phone thing takes forever, so i did the comment thing on the website few weeks ago. still nothing.</p>

<p>can you absolutely, positively, chew gums?</p>

<p>i seriously dont think anyone cares if you chew gum or not. a lot of the overseers dont really even watch you all the time. i could've probably looked over at someone else's answers and some of the overseers that i've had wouldnt have noticed. so yeah... just as long as youre not chewing really "loudly" or popping your gum or distracting anyone, i dont think anyone would care.</p>

<p>There were plenty of people chewing gum, including myself, when I took it. Unless you get an unusually strict proctor, it shouldn't be a problem.</p>

<p>Just don't be one of those rude people who chews noisily. That's a sure way to either get smacked upside the head by a stressed out dude sitting near you, or to get in trouble with the proctor.</p>

<p>i did and so did a lot of other people. it was fine</p>

<p>but then i'm one of those people who get seriously unlucky with stuff like that. i brought a tiny clock that had NO sound and was smaller than an eraser, and the proctor was like no, it has to be a watch.</p>

<p>C'mon, this is crazy. It's not like the gum tells you what the answears are..... But, on a serious tone now, I think that it depends on the proctor. I chwed gum at my first SAT and he said nothing.</p>

<p>I chewed gum at all the standardized tests I've taken (twice at the SAT, once at the ACT, once for an SAT II, and once during an AP test), and I haven't had a problem. Unwrap the gum before the section is started and be quiet and you'll be fine.</p>

<p>^ oh, i'm trying to chew the gum WHILE taking the test.</p>

<p>no one has yet told me the official answer. i know for a sure fact that if i ask the proctor if i can chew, s/he will say no because s/he won't be too sure anyways. if i'm caught chewing by a picky proctor, i maybe thrown out. please. somebody!</p>


Can you seriously chew gums during the S.A.T.s?


<p>Yes you can.</p>

<p>as long as you don't reach into your bag in the middle of a section to get the gum, you can chew it. that's what aphoticmelody meant.</p>

<p>SCORE! n_n</p>