Can you seriously not edit Supplements after submission?

<p>Even through the faxing revisions method, where you fax the school corrections you want to make?</p>

<p>I accidentally submitted an earlier version of my essay. </p>

<p>How did I even, I don't know.</p>

<p>Not sure which college, but most will not mind at all if you email the correct version with an quick explanation. You're human mistakes are sometimes made. Attaching the wrong essay version is one of the most common mistakes, so don't beat yourself up. Just email it to admissions (or fax if that's the method they prefer). </p>

<p>However, before doing this, does the essay have actual errors or is it just not the version you prefer? If it has no real writing errors then you may want to just let it be.</p>

<p>And no, you cannot edit anything once it's submitted.</p>

<p>hi! thanks for that informative answer. the earlier version of my essay doesn't include this link to a video I made specifically for admissions. I worked pretty hard on the video so it's getting to me that I'd actually somehow not notice it didn't make it to my application.</p>

<p>Write a nice letter (email, fax) and mention that you want to supplement your application by including a link to a video that you've made. Unless the essay referred to the video, or the video makes no sense without the essay, there's no reason to even say this was an error.</p>

<p>yes my entire extracurricular short answer is a blatant introduction to my video. LOL. but i just faxed them yesterday. hopefully this would be okay!</p>