Can you SIR to two schools?

My daughter got into her dream school. But she has a contingency on her acceptance - she has to get a B in a really difficult STEM class this semester, and she’s barely hanging on to that grade.

She won’t know her final grade until after June 1. Can she SIR to another school right before June 1? In case the “dream” school rescinds her acceptance because she got a C instead?

Are these 2 UC schools? If so, no she cannot SIR to 2 schools but I have seen an exception where UCI allowed a UC transfer student to SIR to 2 UC’s due some grading mixup.

Thanks. Yes, it is 2 UC schools. She either takes a chance and hopes for a B with the possibility of getting a C and being rescinded (and having nowhere to go in the fall. Or she chooses a different school that she is not excited about. And imagine getting that B after committing to a different UC!

Double depositing is not ethical and frowned upon by the UC’s but you could check with each school and ask if they will extended the SIR deadline possibly?

Thank you. I’ll have her ask!