Can you skip freshman year?

Is it possible for incoming freshmen to have sophomore standing? Can passed AP exams cover/almost cover what you would take your first year at CSUF? Just wondering if it has been done and how!

Yes, but you really are not skipping Freshman year. You will still need to take classes as a new student at CSUF which may be more major related vs. taking mostly Pre-req or GE classes the first year.

Depending upon how much AP credit you receive, you could complete your degree in less than 4 years.

What is your intended major and which AP classes will you have credit for at CSUF?

My intended major is Kinesiology,

I have credit for:
AP Human Geography, AP World History, AP Eng Lang/Comp, AP Spanish Lang, and AP US History

Currently taking: Calc AB, Psychology, and Eng Literature/Comp

I’m just curious if it’s possible for me, or how close I’d be to it!


Here is a list of AP credit CSU Fullerton will give for the AP classes.

Then look at the 4 year academic plans for the specific Kinesiology concentration you plan to pursue to see how many of the AP credits can be used to fulfill your Pre-req and GE requirements.

There are 3 outside sources for which you could get credit. 1) through AP credits 2) dual-enrollment HS class credits in conjunction with a college/university and 3) credits that you can possibly get if you were taking classes at a community college while still in HS.

If one brought in enough of these credits, the student could easily have sophomore, junior or even senior status. (There are some limitations on maximum numbers you can bring in for community college which I won’t discuss here). Having say sophomore status wouldn’t necessarily mean one would or could graduate in 3 years, but it possibly may help with things like earlier course registration or housing preferences. I know very little about how CSUs work, but just throwing it out there.

@ProfessorPlum168: Depending upon what courses are required for the major and AP credit given, at the Cal States it is very possible to graduate in 3 years. It really depends if the AP credits can be used to fulfill the major pre-req’s. My son, although he opted to take a lower course load over 4 years vs. graduating early, had 38 AP credits that fulfilled several of his CS pre-req’s along with some required GE’s. He had Sophomore standing after 1st semester and did get priority registration before many of his fellow Freshman students.

His best friend went to CSU Fullerton as a Criminal Justice major and did graduate in 3 years so very possible at many of the Cal States but also very major dependent.