Can you still select first year regular life science courses even if enter u of t with humanities

Will there be enough spots left for taking first year regular courses of biology, chem, and math even if you enter u of t with humanities not life science? thanks for help
Also, is there still a possibility that you can become a biochem specialist later in third and fourth year at u of t even if you enter here first year for humanities not life science, or let’s say with double major in biochem and classics?

Life science students will get first pick of biology, chemistry and math courses. Students admitted under humanities will be shut out for about 2 weeks while life science students choose their courses. Will there be spots left over is the question. Maybe. And the spots may not be at your preferred time.

Students at U of T declare their specialist or majors at the end of first year. Certain majors, including biochemistry, are competitive to get into. Students require an above average GPA and above average grades in first year math, chemistry and biology. You need to be in the major or specialist to select the second year and above courses.