can you submit an app on nov 1?

<p>do u have up till 11:59 nov 1? i know not best idea to wait that long, but in theory?</p>

<p>My dd would like to know this as well…</p>

<p>Theoretically you can wait, but in practice people have been having submission issues that sometimes require a day, two or more to sort out. The most common issue is payment is delays preventing people from finalizing submissions for two days. Another problem has been difficulty previewing the pdf - for some that has taken an especially long time - that is a necessary step before submission. As a practical matter, you should submit absolutely as soon as you can. If you have a Nov. 1 deadline, try to submit tonight if you can.</p>

<p>Submit ASAP. The Common App or college website can crash from so many people submitting at the deadline.</p>