Can you suggest me courses of business or finance or even economic without maths?

Can you even suggest me colleges in California or london for graduation who will accept my resume without maths since standard 9th, 10th , 11th and 12th

I don’t think completely missing a core subject like math will be acceptable at any US college.

If you want to check the requirements for any particular US school you can google the college’s common data set and look at the required/recommended HS coursework.

Are you sure can you please check it for me ??

Don’t you already have another thread on a very similar topic?


You can check it yourself. See above. It isnt the job of CC posters to do your research.

Sorry I didn’t read second para

I’ll do my own research np

In your other thread you indicated you have difficulty dealing with math. Finance is math heavy so you may want to consider a different major instead.

And why California specifically?
What’s your budget (without taking on large loans)?

In which case, closing thread.

It’s not the job of the responders to do the work for you. The user told you where to look, but the strongest applicants will do their own.research.