Can you switch Colleges after freshman year?

<p>I am applying to Columbia and I want to study engineering, but I cannot apply for the school of engineering because I did not take sat chem or sat physics, so I am gonna apply to Columbia College and major in some science maybe. Can I switch to the engineering college sophomore year and change my major to engineering? Thanks!</p>

<p>You can still take the subject tests in January.</p>

<p>Unfortunately I took chemistry sophomore year, and I have forgotten some of it, so I don't feel confident at all about getting 700+ on the sat chem test :. Plus, I don't have time to study now because I am sick and need to finish many college apps. Thanks anyway though</p>

<p>No offense but it sort of sucks to be you right now. You can apply to Columbia, attend Columbia for a year and then try to transfer. But from what I have heard transferring from one school to another is pretty hard.</p>