Can you switch from the CLA to the B-School at Tulane?

<p>I am a transfer student that has a very simple question. Once admitted, can you switch from the college of liberal arts to the business school at Tulane? On my application I indicated the CLA, but recently have decided the business school would be a better fit for me. Does anyone have any information on this? Remember I am a transfer student attending next fall. </p>

<p>Any information would be greatly appreciated.</p>


<p>There actually is no problem switching, you are not admitted to a particular "school". You may have to change your declared major, if you formally declared one already. But you probably haven't. Just putting CLA on the form is not declaring a major, so no worries there. Tulane is organized so that you are actually admitted to Newcomb-Tulane College, and all the undergrad schools are under that umbrella. You can switch majors as much as you wish, so to speak, and if that puts you in a different school they will simply assign you an advisor from that school. So when you get there in the fall, meet with your current advisor ASAP, or even call the advising center now to talk it over, and get the B-school courses you need. No sweat.</p>