Can you take CLEP exams at any college?

I just got an email back from my advisor saying that our college doesn’t offer CLEP exams ,however he said to google to see where I can take it locally,but the thing is I’m enrolled in this college which is in the SUNY system ,It’s a community college and I am planning to transfer into a university within the SUNY system ,however I’m wondering is it possible to take a CLEP exam at another SUNY school?

You can take them anywhere. First you register for the exam on the College Board’s website, then you call a testing center to schedule the exam. (They are given on a computer.) Around here, a local JuCo administers all the CLEP exams.

Forgot to mention, there is a search function on the College Board website to find the exam centers near you.

Yes, definitely go onto the CLEP website and you should find a link that will allow you to do a search for CLEP test centers closest to your location. Remember, you can test anywhere in the country, so even if you decide you want to combine a business trip or vacation with taking a CLEP test, you can do that.