Can you take FLVS courses over the summer?

<p>Hey guys, I was looking on the website and it was a bit unclear so I thought I'd ask here as I assumed some of you might know. </p>

<p>I'm interested in taking a Florida Virtual School online course (I'm out of state), and I was wondering: could I just take just one course over the summer and like "finish" it just during the summer even though it says like 32 weeks?</p>

<p>Thank you for reading!</p>

<p>Yes, you can!</p>

<p>Cool, good to know :) Thank you, lorrainemichaels.</p>

<p>Has anyone done this, and if so which course(s) did you take and how difficult was it?</p>

<p>I did a semester class in 11 weeks. So I guess you could do a full year class in 22 weeks.</p>

<p>It's definitely doable.</p>

<p>I took Personal Fitness [lulz].</p>

<p>It was super easy. The quizzes/tests are ridiculous. The answers are basically in the sectional readings.</p>

<p>Hey, yeah you can take them over summer. I finished personal fitness in a matter of 4 weeks but it took like 5 or 6 to close me out because of the workout logs. I finished the other portion relatively quickly.</p>

<p>I took Spanish II earlier this year, when school started. I started August finished it in November, but I know alot of Spanish, but I'm still not native.</p>

<p>I'm taking Chemistry I Honors now and it's the most difficult FLVS class so far. I'm going to take Pre-Calculus & Psychology I, over summer. Psychology isn't very challenging, at all.</p>

<p>Alright. So you can basically start and end whenever, like at your own pace then?</p>

<p>I am thinking of taking Physics (Honors, if I can) and I didn't see on the psychology course, but if they have it I would definitely be interested in that.</p>

<p>Thank you all so much for your help. Very appreciated :)</p>

<p>You can take Physics I Honors there.</p>

<p>And the honors assignments are stupid, they are extensions of the chapter after you finish it (Atleast in chemistry)</p>

<p>Bad thing is they are pointless and time consuming.</p>

<p>Yes. I took Algebra 2 Honors over the summer. Of course, I did not finish it during the summer, but I could have.</p>

<p>my teachers dont recommend taking science or math classes online.. take history, foreign laguage, PE (easiest!)</p>

<p>how much are u paying?? cause i just took a GAVS course for french and it costed like 600 bucks.. im gonna take all my 4 foreign language classes online so its 2,400 + SAT Prep (around 1,000) = 3,400 ... yikes!</p>

<p>For Florida residents, FLVS classes are provided for free. It's basically considered to be another public school that you enroll at for classes.</p>

<p>Ivybound - That's alot of money. I live in Florida, so I'm okay. 100% Free
&Math classes are fine on FLVS, as well as science. I have friends that have taken multiple. If you are smart, then you should be fine. I wouldn't take science online, cause its my weakest subject. However, math is my strongest. It depends on the student, not the class.</p>

<p>yeah same here. I'm in Florida so its free for me, I took LMS, personal fitness, Driver's Ed and currently taking Fitness Lifestyle Design and Chinese 1. Did accelerated pace for all, and even faster if I wasn't so busy.
Then gonna take some AP history classes and chinese 2. Maybe psychology 1.
Though math is my strongest, I can't take it online since I need a teacher to teach me. Can't just read it online and try. Definitely not science since its' my weakest too.</p>