Can you try out dental school before applying?

Some context. I already got my bachelors in a different STEM degree. Considering going to dental school. My interest is in OMFS.

Already have all the required premed classes. However I’m not sure I’m going to like it, so would be interested in trying out a semester without going into 100 grand of debt.

I’m considering Boston University. Are there any schools that allow you to drop in on classes to get a feel of what a day at dental school is like before applying?

Call and ask if you can sit in on a class during a tour. You’d have to contact ea h school you are interested in individually.

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Hello- dentist here.

I don’t know if any schools let you sit in on classes- it’s certainly something you could ask the dental school admissions office. Trying it out for a semester- no. I think though what you need to keep in mind is that anything you see is such a small snippet of the dental school experience- sitting in on a histology class isn’t representative of the experience of being in a clinical class for example. You’re really not going to get a great sense of the overall experience- you would be better off having the admissions office put you in touch with other students so that you could talk to them about their overall experience. Often the experience is vastly different each year of school. You should also ask if there are any oral surgery residents you could talk to, as that is a significantly different experience from dental school.

Also, you may get more value out of contacting local oral surgeons and seeing if you can shadow them. Oral surgery is a long challenging (but worthwhile) path. I think there would be more value in seeing if you enjoy the career and the day to day job experience than if you enjoy the schooling that leads up to it.


Short answer….NO.

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