Can you use old ACT prep books?


I’m planning on prepping for the ACT over summer and I was wondering if I could use some of the old ACT prep books that my siblings had? They’re from the 2009-2011 ish years and I was wondering if the ACT had changed a lot over the years?


Lol I’m in the same situation. I know the ACT changed a little in 2015, but the older textbooks (2012, 2014, etc.) are actually really helping me with my score. When I took the SAT recently, I got a 1350, so I decided to switch tests and even with the old textbooks, my scores have improved to Ivy standards.

According to Prepscholar, the ACT has been gradually increasing in difficulty over time. They warn against using pre-2010 prep books because of this, but your prep book should still be a pretty decent way to prepare. I would reccomend getting a more up to date prep book if possible, but if that is going to be a financial burden it isn’t the end of the world. I would recommend finding one newer practice test online after you have used the older book just to check that you are getting the most accurate indicator of success. Good luck on your test prep!