Canada International Scholarship & Fin. Aid (McGill Univ.) - Admitted but have no Money for tuition

Hi everybody, Pease I need help.

I’m from DR Congo and currently living in there. I fluently speak french and have a minimum level of English (not very advanced)

My little story

I applied for Mastercard scholarship in Mc Gill University ( for 2017 year.

MasterCard Scholarship is a new program designed for young Africans to go study abroad and after completion, they have to come back to their origin community to utilize what their learnt abroad.

There are two processes in order to succeed :
The first one is to be admitted to the university, in this case Mc Gill,
and the second and last step is to be selected by the Mastercard program. (the two steps are separated.)

I’ve actually been admitted to Mc Gill university in Computer Science,
after waiting for my MasterCard result for, I got a bad news from them that I’m not selected to be part of the program.

I contacted them (Mastercard program) and they told me that although I’m not selected to the MasterCard program but my admission to Mc Gill is still available if I want to go study with my own fund,
but I have to know one thing that I won’t be able to benefit from Mastercard fund even if I continue my admission with Mc Gill.

So, I’d like to know whether anyone knows about an international scholarship program that can support me in Canada (Mc Gill University) in order to carry on with Mc Gill cause I really want to study computer science in a developed country.

Please if you can help me.

Thanks in advance !

The only other source is McGIll itself. When they admitted you, did they offer you a scholarship?
If not, do you have other admissions? Or can you afford the McGill costs?

You posted this in another thread:

If you can afford to pay but you do not want to pay then you will get no need based aid at any school in the US or Canada. You have no need. You will have to pay.

Ask Mc Gill about scholarships for french speaking students.

^also look at this “international fee exemptions”