Canadian Applicant applying to Colleges

Hi does someone have any idea of the average accepted * Canadian * applicant accepted into Columbia, JHU or any other top 20 school. I’m also a US citizen so I won’t be considered an international citizen either, I just did highschool in Canada- Not really sure where that puts me tbh.

I’m looking to apply E.D to either Columbia, JHU or Northwestern … Their all my dream schools, and I don’t really favour one over the other. Whichever one I have the highest chance of getting into E.D that is where I will apply!

Can someone tell me my chances as well?

Grades and stuff:

  • 85 - 90 all highschool avg (not sure but I think I have a 3.92 GPA according to Ontario Grading scale)
  • No AP classes … school offers two but I didn’t take since they didn’t fit my desired subjects
  • Took mostly University (U level in Ontario) and Academic courses
  • Didn’t take SAT, cause of Covid-19

I’ve got decent E.C’s but nothing like finding a cure for cancer … the most I’ve done is work with a social justice council for 3 years and approx. over 10k in value for Non-Profits. I have been committed to most activities I’ve done, so most of them are 3 years or 2 years. Usually in Canada you can’t be a leader until Grade 12 and here everything got cancelled so …

Besides that I’m really good at creative writing so I’m fine with essays and I’ve already got awsome teachers writing recs for me!

Bascially I’m an average kid that tries in school … :I

Any help you guys can provide would be HIGHLY appreciated,


What is your budget?

Why do you want to attend university in the US?

Have you run the NPC on these schools?

What is your intended major?

How do your grades compare with others in your high school? Admissions at top US schools will be familiar with the typical top grades at Canadian high schools. It has been many decades since I was, and it was in a different province.

My family can afford upto 20k-I’m very fortunate and thankful for that.
I’ve already trimmed schools I can’t afford.

My school doesn’t rank but I believe I’d be in the top 20% of my school in terms of grades … which I understand isn’t the best for these schools but I can’t change that and hopefully one of them gives me a shot!

“top 20% of my school”

That is going to make any university on the level of “Columbia, JHU or any other top 20 school” a high reach.

Whether any “top 20” university in the US is affordable with a US$20,000 per year budget will depend upon whether you qualify for need based aid. You would need to run the NPCs to figure this out.

Do you also have Canadian citizenship or permanent residence? If so, then you should be able to get accepted to very good universities in Canada with a total cost no greater than US$20,000 per year. There are a lot of very good universities in Canada, and a lot of them are in Ontario if you do not want to go super far.

I do not see any harm in applying to a few top US universities. However, assuming that you have Canadian citizenship or permanent residence you certainly need to apply to safety schools up there, and optionally to matches up there.