Canadian citizen, American student, returning to Canada for college?

I’m a Canadian citizen but have lived in the US my entire life, I want to return to Canada for college.

Because I’m not an Ontario high school student, am I not eligible for Ontario scholarships? Is there any way I can get financial aid while attending college in Ontario?

I have no idea about Ontaria schools-but for McGill (I’m in a similar boat)-I’d apply as an american student but pay canadian tuition

If you are a Canadian or dual citizen and have never lived in Canada, not even as an infant, you would be eligible for the in province tuition in Quebec, currently about C$4,000/year.

Have you checked the Canada and Ontario financial aid websites for requirements for aid?

TomSrOfBoston, I don’t qualify for financial aid.

How does the Quebec tuition work? The only university I’d be interested in there is McGill; would I be eligible for the in province tuition there?

Did you ever live in Canada, even as an infant or for a short period in your life? In not, you would be eligible for in province tuition in Quebec. (short vacations do not count.)

If you have lived in Canada, even briefly, then it would be the out of province Canadian tuition.