Canadian Lawyer to U.S. Accountant

<p>Hello All,</p>

<p>I'm hoping I can get some advice from any accounting experts about my hopeful transition from lawyer to accountant. I graduated from a top Canadian law school with excellent marks and recently moved to the U.S. I am not currently in a state where I can re-license as a lawyer. I hoping to get an MBA specializing in Accounting within the next 2-2.5 years. (I have no previous accounting experience so the MBA will take me a little longer due to more prereqs). Will my law experience help me at all? (I practiced for about two years in family and criminal law). Will this help me in being considered at top accounting firms? It is eventually my plan to a) get my cpa b) move to a state where I am eligible to write the bar exam such as california, ny and c) eventually make the transition being a tax lawyer using previous accounting experience. This is of course an extremely long term plan and I understand the the legal job market right now stinks. (Which is why this is a hopeful long term plan). I would also not be disappointed if I just made a go of it as an accountant alone and did not return to the practice of law. Any advice or comments are greatly appreciated! Thanks!</p>