canadian schools

i am an american student who is looking at canadian schools such as mcgill and u of t for pre-med…what types of sat scores/class rank are needed for these universities…are sat 2s necessary…how much do they weigh in ec’s…are they excellent schools despite the sub-par reviews on the princeton review??

<p>hey, I'm applyin to McGill. Apparently their SAT requirements are pretty low but they are very selective of their US applicant pool. I toured this summer and they said 5% of the students are American or something like that. It makes sense because McGill is a public Canadian school but that's quite low when you think about it. Both McGill and UOT are great schools. The best in Canada anyway which is saying quite a lot. They both have excellent reps both in the US and abroad. Cheap too.</p>

<p>i have a 1280 (690m/590v) plan to retake....(prolly 1300+) i'm in the top 8% of my class...3 APs....good ec's....such as co-captian of the academic team and varsity captian of my school's fencing team....those are a few...will i have a good shot</p>

<p>o btw if u had to compare these schools to an american school with regards to academic rigor....what could u compare it to??</p>

<p>I think that McGill is around the level of NYU in terms of academics. Keep in mind that it's considered an international school so it might give you an edge in employment later on.</p>

<p>hhfm, and dressagechick, McGill and U of T's ordering in terms of what they like to see are
1. grades
2. test scores
3. ecs, etc.</p>

<p>They really don't even care a lot about extra stuff, they just want to see good grades and test scores too, but grades are the most important :) hhfm, if you can get your SATs above 1300 i'd say you have a good chance of getting in</p>

<p>I'd also put academics here at the level of NYU, but there are a lot of american students who turn down ivies to come here because of the international atmosphere (so much learning outside the classroom!) and the cost. And it does carry the great reputation which is nice ;)</p>

<p>there are a lot of US students here, but I'd say probably 5% is a fair number. If you live in rez you'll met a lot of other americans. </p>

<p>Good luck to both of you with your apps!
mcgill c/o 2008 :)</p>

<p>wait a second here, i don't get why an international schools gives you an edge in employment and prestige over amiercan schools. whats the deal?</p>

<p>are you sure about the 3 sat2 requirement,,,,i went on mcgill's webiste....they say they need sat2s......if my sat1/gpa are good enough,,,,will they accept me neway</p>