Canadian Wants to Transfer to UWO Engineering


I’m a Canadian currently in his second year of biomedical engineering at a Canadian University. For several reasons, I’d like to transfer into either electrical or mechanical engineering at UWO (University of Western Ontario). I would prefer to transfer into first year if possible.

Below is my background:

  • In high school I was a strong student. I had a 95 average, I won several academic awards, and I participated in a few extracurriculars.

  • In first year I did poorly. I finished with a 70 average and dropped several classes. However, there was a reason behind my poor performance. More on this later.

  • This year (my second year) I’ve decided to take electives alongside classes I dropped. So far I’m doing well and I believe I can bump up my overall average (average of both 1st and 2nd year combined) to the mid to high 70s by the end of fall semester and to the low 80s by winter semester.

  • This summer I will have an engineering internship.

  • In first year I experienced a difficult situation at home. It started with my dad leaving his job due to a neurodegenerative condition. This resulted in my family becoming low income. Our finances and my dad’s disability resulted in marital conflict between my parents which culminated in my parents deciding to divorce. As of now, my parents are still in legal proceedings. Additionally, when my mom was at work, I would have to take care of my dad which was frustrating as due to his condition he wasn’t always lucid.

I am certain that I want to transfer.

Given my circumstances how do I maximize my chances of successfully transferring? I intend to apply after fall semester this year.

Get the highest marks that you can for this semester. Western has a place on its transfer application called special consideration where you can enter the difficulties you’ve experienced. Your explanation in your post was clear and concise. Just put down the information like you did in your post.

Good luck!

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Thanks for the reply,

Do you know if admissions will place more emphasis on my fall semester marks? Given my strong performance this year and my strong performance in high school it should be clear that my first year results are not necessarily representative of me as a student.

They likely will, but I can’t say for sure.

Thanks for the help bouders.